The VA's National Oncology Program (NOP) engaged in a national public education and awareness campaign, the goal of which was to maximize NOP's exposure to its targeted audience and foster positive awareness. Importantly, the campaign included the creation of short videos to educate stakeholders, internal and external, and enhance Veteran cancer care.


As the largest healthcare system in the nation, the VA has committed to erasing borders between providers and patients. Here, VA providers describe the unique and revolutionary benefits of TeleOncology and address common misconceptions from both providers and patients.

Clinical Trials

Two success stories of VA patients who participated in clinical trials frame interviews with VA providers about the value, safety, and efficacy of clinical trials.

Cancer Survivorship

Patient-driven care is highlighted through collaborative relationships between cancer survivors and their VA providers in this video centered on quality of life for those with cancer diagnoses.


In this video directed to medical students and doctors, VA providers across the nation tell us why they chose the VA for their professional careers.

Clinical Pathways

This animated video introduces new technology to cancer care providers, illustrating the story of a single provider and patient while speaking to the broader benefits of the program.

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